What We Offer Safeo | Ethylene Oxide Cartridges

EO - Cartridges

Ethylene Oxide intended to use in sterilizer, for the sterilization treatment and prevention of microbiological contaminations.

Cartridges Usage

EO CARTRIDGE is used to sterilize surgical medical devices like surgical sets and other medical devices.

Safer Alternative

The use of measured dosage in our SafEo cartridges is a much safer alternative compared to gas cylinders.

Safeo - Advantages

EO gas sterilization is very effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens and can penetrate packaging of medical disposables or spices etc.

Customer Service

Advice, orders all a one phone call away, we understand your need and our Safeo products can be the correct solution as per your requirement.

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About Aksa Convertex Sterilants Pvt. Ltd

The company manufacturing the SafEo gas cartridges was formed by like-minded professionals from AKSA ( www.aksaster.com) which was established in 1991 and who pioneered the design of E.O. sterilizers using 100% Pure E.O. cartridges as the sterilant in India...

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