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The use of measured dosage in our SafEo cartridges is a much safer alternative compared to gas cylinders and has many more advantages: + Correct and measured dosage suitable for the size of sterilizer, assures secure sterilization every time and hence no chance of over dosage which can lead to residual EO or under dosage which can lead to sterilisation failure.

  • Small but correct amount of E.O present in each cartridge adds to safety.
  • Transportation and Handling expenses reduced drastically.
  • Faster turn around time.
  • 100 % E.O cartridge assures no depletion of ozone layer.
  • No external piping or valve systems which are a potential gas hazard.
  • No need for additional storage space.

SafEo Gas Cartridges

A readymade solution for gas sterilization using the optimum required gas quantity in disposable single use cartridge , ensuring correct dosage everytime ; easy and convenient handling and safety of use. The cartridge containing ethylene oxide is made of seamless aluminum. The cartridge cap is made of tin-plated steel. The minimum shelf life for cartridges is thirty six months from the date stamped on the cartridge and on the label of each box. The cartridges can be used even after this period. It is advisable to weigh each cartridge before use to ascertain the quantity of gas used for each cycle.

Storing the cartridges

It is advisable to store the SafEo gas cartridges in a separate, well ventilated and safe room . The area for storage should have adequate posters or signs for Hazard warning and First Aid. It is also imperative to also have a Fire extinguisher and fire alarm installed. . The storage area should be properly ventilated , free from vermins and have a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees centigrade. The SafEo cartridges must be stored away from all sources of flames, sparks etc. and away from direct sun light . Please follow your local Fire and Safety department directives.

Disposal of Used SafEo cartridges

The used SafEo cartridge must be disposed of with normal non-incinerated waste. The empty cartridges must not be kept back in the box containing full cartridges as the operator may accidentally use it in place of a new cartridge. If a cartridge is damaged or leaky . it should be put in the steriliser and an empty batch should be taken . This will dispose of the EO gas in a safer manner.

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About Aksa Convertex Sterilants Pvt. Ltd

The company manufacturing the SafEo gas cartridges was formed by like-minded professionals from AKSA ( www.aksaster.com) which was established in 1991 and who pioneered the design of E.O. sterilizers using 100% Pure E.O. cartridges as the sterilant in India...

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